What are my duties?

What are my duties?

– Accepting the Review Invitation- Accepting the Review Invitation

– Completing and submitting the review form by the Review Delivery Deadline The Review Management stage will be closed automatically by Confy on the day of the Overall Review Deadline (typically 7 days after the Review Delivery Deadline) in order to observe the Notification deadline, and the conference will move to the Decision & Notification stage.

Missing Reviews and Recommendations may still be delivered in the Decision & Notification stage at a CARE Index penalty.

It is imperative that Reviewers deliver their Reviews by Review Delivery Deadline, as the assigned Program Committee Members are required to write a Recommendation before the Overall Review Deadline based on the Reviews they receive. Please note that your review will be evaluated by the a ssigned Program Committee Member on the basis of its quality, completeness, clarity, and timeliness in order to highlight the best Reviewers, and to improve review processes in Confy in the future.

Also note that Program Committee Members have the right to mark a delivered review as non-admissible if they identify unprofessional verbage, evident bias, or total irrelevance in the Review. Reviews marked as non-admissible will be discarded.