What are my current duties?

What are my current duties?

In Confy’s Paper Assignment stage, responsibilities of Program Committee Chairs include:
– Overseeing the review progress and making sure that every paper has exactly 3 Reviews completed and a Recommendation delivered
– Moving stage to Decision & Notification in a timely manner – by Overall Review Deadline

Please maintain active communication with Track Chairs to make sure that Reviews and Recommendations are delivered in a timely manner.

It is important to note that if needed, Program Committee Chair may extend the Overall Review Deadline maximum two times for maximum total duration of 14 days. However, after this extension, the conference will close the Review Management stage and move to the Decision & Notification stage automatically.

This is to ensure that the Notification deadline is observed. Missing Reviews and Recommendations may still be delivered in the Decision & Notification stage while Preliminary and Final Decision proceeds on submissions with Review already completed.