What are Invited Tracks?

What are Invited Tracks?

Invited Track is a type of non-Technical Track typically dedicated to Invited Papers. An Invited Track will only be visible to external user who receive its specific link.

Please make sure that you create a shadow track for every Track (Technical and non-Technical). A shadow track should have the same name as its parent track. When creating an Invited Track, please make sure to select the “Invited Track” type from the drop-down list in the Create Tracks interface, and that you tick an “Invited Authors Only” box underneath.

The Track Chair appointed to a shadow track should be the same as in its parent track. This way, all Track Chairs will have a convenient way of organizing Invited Sessions in their tracks to create a more compelling program, elevating the entire conference.

Papers submitted to an Invited Track are automatically in a fast track, requiring a single review. Since Invited Tracks are non-Technical Tracks, they do not need to comply with Deadlines and Properties of Technical Tracks.