Community Review

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Community Review is a service, offered to Program Committees and submitting Authors of all EAI conferences, designed to improve the speed and the quality of the review process.

The Community Review section of the EAI website collects abstracts of all papers submitted to EAI conferences that are eligible for bidding at the time of usage. A paper is eligible for Community Review if all the requirements below are fulfilled:

  • submitting Author opted in for Community Review during the initial submission process in Confy,
  • the submitted paper has been validated by the conference organizing committee with a positive result in Confy, i.e. it has been made available for review (validation of submissions is performed immediately following the Paper Submission Deadline),
  • the organizing committee has finished validation of all submissions in Confy.

Following the successful validation of all the submitted papers, abstracts of papers that adhere to these requirements are published in the Community Review section of the EAI website and they become available for Bidding to all members of EAI for the duration of 14 days.

EAI members may Bid to review any number of available abstracts. A bidder is expected to supply his/her technical qualifications and to make the case for being a suitable candidate for the role of a Reviewer of the specific submission. At the end of the 14 day period, the Program Committee Member assigned to handle this submission selects Reviewers and Bidders are suggested as potential candidates. The final selection of Reviewers is fully in the Program Committee Member’s discretion and a Bid is not a guarantee of an eventual review assignment.

Bidders who are selected by the Program Committee Members receive a notification via email and they are asked to confirm the review assignment. After a Bidder confirms their assignment, they receive immediate access to the manuscript of the submission and they are obligated to deliver a review that adheres to technical and qualitative standards of the Program Committee, as well as EAI. Confirmed Bidders who do not approach the role of Reviewer professionally and responsibly and are reported to EAI by the Program Committee, or who otherwise abuse the Community Review system forfeit their right to participate in Community Review in the future. In order to maintain the high standard of the review process, EAI reserves the right to remove individual EAI members from Community Review without prior warning.